January 25-27, 2024 – Plano, TX

A leadership conference for pastors and their teams
Contact us at climbconference@visitonecc.com or text to 469-609-1909


Don’t Climb Alone

Scaling Mount Everest alone is a death wish. Likewise scaling the intense summits of ministry leadership requires competent teams, strategic resources, and transformative education.









Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this conference for?

If you’re here, it’s probably for you. We believe leadership matters like nothing else – especially leadership within The Church. This conference is for anyone who feels a “weight” of responsibility at a local church or ministry. That could be pastors, church planters, elders, volunteer leaders, etc. Whether you teach every Sunday, lead in student ministry, or help with small groups, you will have the opportunity to learn from others who lead in a similar role.

At One Community Church, everyone on staff – regardless of position – is expected to act like an owner and a leader. A key goal is that the principles we discuss are relevant to every position within a church staff, including those outside traditional “ministry” roles, like IT, operations, HR, media, communications, administration, etc. Our entire staff will also be available during the conference to connect with you and answer questions.

Wondering if your church is too small or too big to get something out of the Climb Conference? We believe there are no such things as “big” or “little” works of God. So, whether your church attendance is 50 or 50,000, our prayer is that you will become a better leader in it because of our time together.

How long is the conference?

The 2023 conference runs three days from Thursday, January 26 through Saturday, January 28.

How will I be able to attend the conference?

The 2024 Climb Conference will be in person and the general session will be streaming on Brushfire. We highly suggest you join in person for the full experience.

What is included in my ticket price?

– Three-day pass to all conference sessions and breakouts

– All conference materials

– Coffee, drinks, and snacks each day

– Lunch on Friday

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at climbconference@visitonecc.com or call 469-854-1280.

When leadership grows within your church, your church is able to grow with it.

We partner with churches to equip and multiply leaders all for the glory of God.


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Andy and Sandra Stanley

Dr. Dharius Daniels

2023 Climb Conference