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Day 2 – Friday, January 27, 2023



General Session




Breakout Sessions

Hinge Moments: Dealing with Transitions in Your Church

Our Ministerial Pathway & Our Staff Pathway

Developing Great Female Communicators

How to Thrive in Digital Babylon (Student Edition)

Overcoming Porn and Finding Freedom

Creating a Movement of Generosity: Filling the Gaps in Your Community

Platform Priorities: Content Management. and Strategy Development

What Digital Small Groups Can Offer

Developing a Healthy Biblical Worship Culture



Lunch and Learn

#1 Reaching Singles and Young Adults

#2 Inviting 700 People to Church Weekly

#3 Understanding Leadership College and Our Theological Position Papers

#4 Making Special Events Special




General Session




Breakout Sessions

Creating an Elder Model

Our Ministerial & Staff Development Pathway: Tools and Practices

Shepherding Women in the Church

Leading Small

A Church the Next Generation Would Want to Attend

Creating a System So That No One is Left Behind

Turning Your Web Presence Into a Social Network

Successfully Launching Small Groups at Any Size Church

Worship Technology on the Stage



Unique Night of Worship with Israel Houghton


Day 3 – Saturday, January 28, 2023



General Session




Breakout Sessions

Creating a Culture of Ownership and Alignment

Pastors, Builders, Sustainers: Preparing your Church for Growth

Irresistible Mid-Week Meeting

Great Story Telling

Evangelism: Attracting More People to Your Church

From Guest to Leader: Creating a Funnel that Guides People to Purpose

Creating Videos that Go Viral

How to create spiritual growth plans for Everyone in Your Church

The Spiritual Life of the Worship Leader

Growing Leaders at 4 Different Levels Simultaneously

Gap Year Internship Program (Year between High School and College)


11:00AM - 12:00PM

Closing Session



Limited time special price!